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01111001 01100001 01111001! In case you can’t read binary, that’s computer talk for “yay!” The reason why we’re excited about today is because it’s Autonomous Vehicle Day. The one day every year where we celebrate our computer overlords – uhm – drivers. With the rising publicity and manufacturing of autonomous cars, this year was a great stride forward for the industry. The popularity of self-driving vehicles is at an all-time high, thanks to their consumer accessibility.

When there’s a holiday, there’s a celebration. You might not be familiar with the traditions behind Autonomous Vehicle Day, so we’re showing you the best ways to celebrate our robot chauffeurs. Here are the best ways to show your autonomous pride.

Dust the interior of your car

If you have an autonomous car, make sure you dust the interior of it. Dust slows down computers. When it builds up, it can ruin systems no matter how well they’re built. Your autonomous vehicle might be different, but any reason to clean up the filthy interior of your car is a good one. Grab that duster, buster.

Write a “thank you” card in binary

It’s your autonomous car’s day. Therefore, you should tell it how you REALLY feel, with a handwritten card in binary. Your autonomous car can only understand numbers, so use the nearest binary translator to let your heart ooze with feelings.

Take your autonomous vehicle out for dinner

Tonight, treat your self-driving car well with a delicious dinner. For you, a salivating, seared steak dinner with a side of asparagus and fine potatoes. For your car, a quick oil change. That’s the autonomous vehicle equivalent to sautéed salmon.

Buy it a gift

Autonomous vehicles may be computers, but they still like to receive gifts. One present you can provide your car, this year, is something digital to go along with its computations. Since self-driving cars are computers that drive, it might make use of online traffic school.

Learn how to program the concept of love

A task that has plagued scientist, programmers, and ethics theorists is the process of computers comprehending the idea of love. Moreover, you might have expressed your love for your self-driving car without any reciprocal feelings. Learning how to program the concept of love will finally show your autonomous car how you feel.

Print off pictures of autonomous cars to longingly stare at

There’s other ways to celebrate Autonomous Vehicle Day, if you don’t have access to a self-driving car. One way of doing this is to print off pictures of autonomous cars, then daydream which one is your favorite. You can even line your walls with the photos, in case you want people to think you lost your mind.

Buy a Roomba

If you don’t have the funds to purchase one, then buy the next best thing: a Roomba. It’s like a self-driving car, except it’s a small circular computer that cleans your floor. In fact, the best way to celebrate is to do yourself the favor of never cleaning your home again. Your Roomba will also help keep you company!

Spread the word

The easiest way to celebrate Autonomous Vehicle Day is to snap a photo of a self-driving car, then post it to your social media accounts with #AutonomousVehicleDay. That’s the official hashtag being used to celebrate. You should join in with the thousands of people who are partaking in the day. Let everyone know how much you enjoy autonomous vehicles.