Schools in Central Texas opened for business this, admitted thousands of new students, and thousands more returning students. That means that school buses were on the road, as were all the kids who ride a bike or walk to school. With all this increased activity members of the Austin Police Department are warning drivers to slow down, pay attention and use caution, especially this week when students will be just learning their new routines.

Last year, from January to May, police in Central Texas issued more than 4,500 citations for violations in school zones. In Central Texas it is also against the law to use your cell phone in school zone, which includes talking on the phone, searching the internet and/or texting.

Now that drivers have had a few months of no school zones, police expect they will be right back to their bad driving behavior. For this reason they have stepped up patrols in the area and sharpened their pencils (for writing citations). This means anyone driving in the Central Texas area (or anywhere near school zones or children at play or pedestrians) should take their foot of the gas and focus on the road ahead.

Remember, defensive drivers are safe drivers. And we could use more “safe drivers.”