According to the most recent ‘America’s Best Drivers Report’, by Allstate Insurance, Tuscon, Phoenix and Chandler, Arizona, make the grade. The report ranks the 200 largest cities in terms of car collision frequency. Sioux Falls, South Dakota, took the title as the safest city, but Arizona had its own winners: Phoenix, was number 1 among commuters in American cities with more than one million people for the eighth year in a row; Tucson was judged the safest among cities with a population between 500,000 – 750,000; and Chandler was ranked 7th overall.

The Allstate report is certainly not an all-inclusive study of the safest cities, but it certainly is a good guide, and a well-respected report. It is also a good indicator of which drivers, in which cities, are likely to pay less for their automobile insurance based on the likelihood of whether or not they will be involved in a vehicle crash.

Don’t be confused about Allstate’s incentive to compile this list, however. They are not looking for ways to charge drivers more for their insurance. Instead, they are focusing on trying to help drivers be aware of the risks they face behind the wheel and take adequate precautions. They fewer claims an insurance provider has to pay out, the lower rates they can charge for premiums. In a perfect world, insurers would be zero claims, and premiums would plummet.

As proof of their interest in helping all drivers do a better job of being safe on the road, Allstate has also released a few helpful driving tips based on data they gather from claims they process:

Allow plenty of time to reach your destination.Stop-and-go traffic, gridlock, traffic signal stops, pedestrian walkways and events that create traffic detours can add time to your travel.

Know what’s happening in the city during the time you’re driving. Find out if there are events that may impact traffic, and listen to traffic reports on your car radio.

Stay alert. Be prepared to frequently stop or slow down for pedestrians, emergency vehicles, delivery trucks, parking cars, taxi cabs, and public transportation vehicles such as city buses.

Get directions to where you’re going.Review directions carefully in advance. If you get lost mid-trip, safely pull over and wait until you feel calm enough to get back on the road.