Even though we like to have a little fun with some of our lessons, our number one goal is to give people the information they need to become safer drivers.

In our course we tried to make you aware of the pertinent laws regarding driving and safety, but there are just some ways of getting a traffic ticket that are downright bizarre. Here are a few of the funniest:

1. Gorilla My Dreams? Not in Massachusetts, where it is illegal to drive with a gorilla in the back seat of your car. Guess it is okay if the gorilla is in the front seat, though.

2. Only 99 Times Please: Don’t get caught consecutively driving around a town square in Ohio more than 100 times, or you can expect to get a ticket.

3. Note to Sarah Palin: Motorists in Tennessee and California are only allowed to shoot one mammal from the window of their car – a whale. We’re not sure how often that opportunity comes along, but it’s good to know.

4. Keep It On Fella (or ma’am): It’s illegal to drive in Thailand if you are not wearing a shirt. Guess that means motorists there are very comfortable with sweating.

5. Why Honk When a Text Will Do? In University City, Missouri, it is illegal to honk the horn of someone else’s vehicle. So if you borrowed a friend’s car to pick up your date, you’d better text loudly when you get to the house.

6. Only in the Desert Please: You can’t ride a camel of the highways of Nevada. Sure, they’ve got a lot of desert there, but how else are you supposed to get to Vegas?

7. Her Driving Can’t Be That Bad! Tennessee and Mississippi both have laws on their books, which require a male flagger to walk in front of vehicles that have a female driver. Initially this might have helped when coming across livestock in the road, but now it’s just to warn of texting drivers.

8. But I Was Just Coming Back to Put More Money in the Meter! Don’t fool around with the parking laws in Florida. If you are planning to tie your elephant to a parking meter, you had better have enough change to pay the parking fee.

9. Keep Your Eyes on the Road: No games of hide and seek while driving in Alabama – it’s illegal to drive there while wearing a blindfold. It may look great in the movies, but it’s probably not such fun in the real world.

10. Your Mother Always Told You to Use Clean Underwear! That’s because it’s illegal in San Francisco to wipe, wash or dry your car with used underwear.