distracted drivingAt the recent Lifesavers conference on highway safety priorities in Orlando, Florida, the hot topic, or most discussed topic, was distracted driving. There is certainly no reason they should have ignored the subject of distracted driving, especially given the sheer volume of research reports which indicate that distracted driving now causes more fatal crashes than even driving under the influence of alcohol.

At the conference traffic specialists, public safety advocates and others discussed not only the dangers of distracted driving, but also the results of efforts to control distracted driving and the things that might be applied in the future to help keep drivers safe(er) behind the wheel.

Distracted driving kills. That point is not widely argued, however, what remains under debate is exactly what sort of distractions might be most dangerous and how distracted drivers can be identified and controlled. Whether this is done through increased vigilance by police or is something which must be legislated, remains a point of contention for many. But the ‘Lifesavers’ seem to think, whatever can be done should be done. And the sooner the better.