Free Florida Permit Practice Test 2015

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FREE Florida Permit Test 2014

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  • FREE Florida Permit Test 2014
  • FREE Florida Permit Test 2014
  • FREE Florida Permit Test 2014
  • FREE Florida Permit Test 2014
  • FREE Florida Permit Test 2014
  • FREE Florida Permit Test 2014
  • FREE Florida Permit Test 2014

Florida DMV Permit Practice Test

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The the Florida Permit Test Today

Things You Will Need to Know Before Taking the Florida DMV Permit Test:

Anyone who wishes to get a Florida's driver's license and isn't transferring their license from another state will need to meet certain conditions. Before gaining the right to take to the road, individuals may be required to take a Florida driver’s license test. Successfully passing the test is critical to being able to drive on Florida roads. Before one takes the Florida learners permit test, it would be beneficial to take the Florida permit practice test.

Florida DHSMV Approved Online Permit Test

Can’t wait to start driving? Complete the mandatory Florida permit test online and get your learner’s permit to start driving immediately. Avoid the long lines at the DMV - take our convenient, FL DHSMV approved permit test today.

What is the Minimum Age to Take the Florida DMV Teen Permit Test?

Teens must be a minimum of 15 years old to take the test. A parent or guardian must accompany teens to the DMV and will need to show proof of their guardianship prior to the test being taken. Teens will also have to show proof that they have completed the Traffic Law and Substance Education course. You can sign up for that course now!

How Many Questions are on the Florida Driver's License Test?

The Florida drivers license test typically has 40 questions. Generally, the test focuses on questions pertaining to the state's traffic laws and the meaning of road signs. The Florida driver's license test is divided into 20 questions regarding road signage and 20 more questions regarding regulations. To pass, the person taking the test must get 15 of the 20 in each section correct. The Florida DMV practice test will help applicants successfully pass this test.

There are Special Requirements for Applicants Who are Teenagers

Before they can take the Florida driver's license test, teen applicants need to complete several processes. These processes include taking a driver's education course, obtaining a Florida learners permit and getting time practicing actual driving skills behind the wheel of a vehicle. Teens also face certain restrictions even with their learner's permit. They are not allowed to drive with passengers other than a parent or guardian and should not drive on freeways. For the first 90 days the teen may only practice on the roads during the day. Once that first three month period concludes, they may driving privileges are extended to 10pm.

Why take the Florida DMV Practice Test?

The applicant should carefully review the meaning of various road signs in the state and study Florida's driving laws and regulations. A Florida Driver's Handbook for study purposes can be obtained from the DMV or it can be acquired free online. Once an applicant is familiar with the signs and laws, they should then take a Florida permit practice test to increase their confidence and verify their knowledge. Taking a free DMV test is just like taking the real thing, but if you fail, you can learn from your mistakes and do better the next time. Practice makes perfect and by taking our free Florida permit practice test, you will significantly increase your chances of passing the real DMV test the very first time. Start Your Free Florida DMV Practice Test Now!

Free Florida Permit Practice Test 2014 Free Florida Permit Practice Test 2014 Free Florida Permit Practice Test 2014