driving dangersJuly is the when summer is in full swing. That means more parties, backyard barbecues, road trips and weekend jaunts to the beach. For California Highway Patrol officers it also means more vehicle collisions. California car crashes dramatically increase in July every year, prompting police and highway safety officials to issue public safety awareness alerts and start safe driving campaigns.

This year will be no different as police gear up for a record summer heat wave, lower gas prices and more drivers on the road than ever before. Police will be issuing more citations for dangerous driving while public safety officials will be launching more driving safety campaigns to do their best to limit the number of deadly accidents on the roads this summer, so people can focus on having fun.

A national insurance think tank study shows July is typically a very dangerous month of the year for drivers, including teenagers, notably July 4, a major travel day.

In California, 241 people died during the month of July, the peak of the summer driving season, according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety study.

“These tragedies are compounded by the fact that many crashes are preventable,” says Phil Telgenhoff, field vice president of Allstate in California. “Driver error, speeding and distractions are the main causes of crashes, and seemingly simple activities such as switching radio stations or interacting with friends can significantly impair a teen’s or adult’s ability to react quickly to changing traffic conditions.”