California Crashes Mean Paperwork For Drivers

online defensive drivingIf you’ve been involved in a vehicle collision in California be advised that in addition to any citations or fines which you will be required to take care of, there are also several forms required by the California Department of Motor Vehicles.

These forms are required by anyone involved in a motor vehicle collision in the state regardless of who was at fault or how much damage was caused, depending on the exact circumstances of the crash. This information is used by the state to track vehicle collisions and certify that all parties were fully insured and licensed at the time of the crash. Here is the complete list of forms required by the state of California in the event of a crash. All these forms are available at their web site and are downloadable.

Traffic Accident Report (PDF)

Financial Responsibility Document Request (PDF) (SR 19C)

The Compulsory Financial Responsibility Law (PDF) (SR 104)

Notice of Unsatisfied Judgement of $750 or less (PDF) (DL 17)

Certificate of Facts RE Unsatisfied Judgement (PDF)(DL 30)

Application for Non-Commercial Restricted Driver License for Financial Responsibility Actions (PDF) (DL 691)

If you have been involved in a vehicle collision and have any questions about which forms are required contact the California Department of Motor Vehicles.

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